Clear Your Space...Clear Your Mind #15

The continuing story of a Professional Organizer and her adventures in space, reminding us that life is messy, you can never get it done, and you are not alone in all of it.


Chapter 8 ~ Autumn    


Take a moment to contemplate your environment.  Look around and notice if the space you occupy represents you.  Does it nurture your soul?  Does it symbolize who you were, who you are, or who you’d like to be?  Like the woman who found her painting a partner, the space we live in can either support our desires and help us to manifest them, or not.

There are three simple steps to creating a space that supports you.  The good news is you don’t have to have a big budget to be the queen or king in your own castle.

             1.  De-clutter and organize

             2.  Rearrange furniture for function and flow

             3.  Intentionally place knick knacks and icons

First, start small.  Pick one room or even one corner of your room.  Choose a theme with intention.  For example:  This is my sacred space.  Then make a list of the things you want to do in this space.  Keep it simple.  One to three things are sufficient.  Like:  Read, listen to music, and meditate.

Now clear and clean the space.  Just like preparing a good meal, you wouldn't use a dirty dish to cook your casserole.  The cleanliness of your space is equally important.  If this feels like an overwhelming task to do alone, invite a friend over to help in exchange for dinner and a movie.

Your space is now ready for some deliberate creating.  This activity can be fun, think of it as shopping in your own home.  Start with the first item on your list - read.  Pick the chair that feels good, one you can relax in, and curl up with a good book.  Find the lamp that provides you with appropriate light. 

Next - listen to music.  Gather up everything you need to make that happen.  Nowadays it can be as simple as grabbing your iPod.  Gone are the days of boom-boxes.  But if you’ve been hanging onto one of those portable players, telling yourself it still works, convinced you’ll use it some day, well, now’s the time.  Pull out those old cassettes and plug that baby in.

The last item - meditate.  Retrieve the paraphernalia you require to quiet your mind.  It might be candles, or special stones;  whatever items provide you with the inspiration to breathe deep.  Make sure you take the time to dust off the lamp, fluff up the cushions, and wipe off that old sound system.  By placing your attention on each item you raise their vibration along with yours.  Performing this action allows these things to assist you energetically.

Now position each item, being conscious of accessibility and efficiency.  Is the light sufficient for reading?  Do you have room to walk comfortably without banging your hip?  Try it out before giving it the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

One final thing.  Make a list of four words that define you.  For instance: sunlight, water, flowers, comfort.  Now check your space.  Are those words somehow represented?  Have you allowed for sunlight?  Even if your space doesn't have a window, but sunlight is important to you, a picture of a sun will do the trick.  Have you represented water or flowers in some way?  You don't have to run out and buy a fountain.  A bowl of water with a fresh flower floating in it works well. 

Finally, comfort.  Did you choose a chair that fits your body or did you pick the chair nobody else wants?  Be purposeful and allow for your comfort.  After all, this is your sacred space.

Become an observer in your home.  Allow yourself to view your environment as if for the first time.  Remember, everything you surround yourself with tugs and pulls on your energy.  By surrounding yourself with only the things you love, and that are sacred to you, your whole life becomes sacred.

to be continued...

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