Linda J. Parks
I am a Professional Organizer and Space Planner on the North Shore. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients.  
Visiting people in the most intimate and revealing of places, their homes, I learned that economics has nothing to do with satisfaction in life.  Everyone is the same. Wealth or affluence doesn't alter fulfillment or quench a desire for happiness.   However, altering people's external settings to satisfy and awaken their inner spirit does affect a kind of change. With each new person that enters my life I learn something about the value of a nurturing atmosphere.   In the winter of 2009 I left town to accomplish the goal of writing a book. I took off on this romantic journey and now "Clear Your Space...Clear Your Mind" is the result.   The book is two-fold;  an adventure through space, to transform, inspire and soothe, and a reminder to follow one's dreams. I will be sharing these stories and if you feel inspired to create a home that you want to go home to, than I have done my job.
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