Roll Back the Clock for Daylight Savings Time

The official time to change the clock is 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Don't forget that it's time to turn back your clocks this weekend for Daylight Savings Time. That earns us all an extra hour of sleep Saturday night and creates brighter mornings and darker evenings until spring rolls around.

At the Winnetka Community House, it means more exercise when the sun disappears by 5 p.m.

"The area where Daylight Savings Time has the most effect on the Community House is probably at the ," said Josh Bucher, marketing director for the . "Between October and November, when it suddenly gets dark much earlier, we definitely see an uptick in daily users that lasts pretty much until spring."

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Bucher continues, "I think the dark has more of an effect than the cold does. People around here are used to the winter weather, but it's just safer and more convenient to work out indoors when it's dark by 5:00 p.m."

What do you prefer? Would you rather keep the extra daylight in the late afternoons but get up in the dark? Or are you happy with the change, making morning more manageable at the cost of an early dusk?

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