Watch Olympian Jason Brown Warm Up at the Rink

A skating video of Highland Park's Brown with his coach Kori Ade shows her putting him through the paces as he practices his twirls and leaps.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
Want to learn how to glide and jump like Olympic figure skater Jason Brown

OK, that's unlikely to happen. (Sorry to kill the dream.) But you can watch the Highland Park teen warm up with his coach Kori Ade of Evanston in this video on iCoach Skating.

Brown may be preparing to compete for a medal at Sochi this month, but Ade cuts him little slack in the 9-minute segment.

She she runs him through a series of drills to work on his timing and body alignment, at one point saying, "that would have been good but stop your shoulders."

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"One thing you should know about Jason," Ade continues. "He will accept about half a correction and he'll go, 'I got it, I got it, I got it.' And sometimes he'll come back and so, 'oh, sorry. I didn't get it.' And sometimes he'll just go do it wrong again and wait for the second half of the correction in order to get it right. That's been his whole life."

But the coach and student have an obvious rapport, too.

"During the course of a normal lesson," Ade says, "he'll come over and hug me about seven times."

Watch Jason Brown talk to the Highland Park City Council via Skype as he prepared for his Olympic debut.


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