Winnetka 5-8th Graders to Receive iPads Next Year

The school board decided not to give iPads to all students in 3rd and 4th grade, opting to have them share them in the classrooms.

All District 36 fifth-eight graders will be given an iPad to use at school and home during the next school year. The lower grades will have shared iPads in the classrooms to use.

All teachers in the district will receive iPads that they can take home, as well, according to information from the district recapping last week’s meeting. The four classrooms in grades 1-4 that were part of the district’s pilot program will retain their iPads for use in the classroom.

The board first voted down a proposal to give each third and fourth grader an iPad for use in the classroom. Instead, those students will share one iPad cart per grade per building. That is the same arrangement that first and second graders will have.

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