A Toast to the 2nd Best Tap Water in U.S.

Glencoe competed at the national level after it won the state title in an April taste test.

Raise another glass (of water), Glencoe residents, and toast the second-tastiest water in the country. It's what's in your glass.

After being recognized as the , Glencoe's drinking water competed at the national level.

The annual contest is sponsored by the American Water Works Association and involves a taste test by four judges during a conference in Washington, D.C. The results of the competition, involving 21 entries in the seventh year of the rivalry, was announced several weeks ago.

"From the employees who directly produce water to those who operate and maintain its associated infrastructure, Glencoe residents are well served by a staff that consistently strives to deliver fresh, clean and safe drinking water on a continual, uninterrupted basis," said Will Jones, assistant village manager.

Greenville, SC, took first place and Glencoe tied with Denver for second place. Last year, the winner came from neighboring Wisconsin, as the Stevens Point Water Department received the bragging rights after the national taste test.


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