Glencoe Voters Approve Infrastructure Bond Referendum

The majority of Glencoe voters approved the referendum authorizing the Village of Glencoe to issue $8.55 million in bonds.

Updated 9:45 p.m.

About 74 percent of Glencoe voters approved the referendum authorizing the Village of Glencoe to issue $8.55 million in bonds.

Upated 8:39 p.m.

With more than half of the precincts reporting 75 percent of voters voted 'yes' to approve the infrastructure bond referendum.



Total Voting

Precincts Reporting




8 of 8 




8 of 8 

About Glencoe Bond Referendum

The Village of Glencoe is seeking voter approval to issue $8.55 million in bonds to fund sewer improvements, sidewalk replacements and street resurfacing.

Homeowners could expect to see a $33 increase on their tax bill annually for each $10,000 paid in property tax until 2018. From 2019 to 2027, the total amount of property taxes needed to pay the village’s debt is expected to decrease since a portion of Glencoe’s existing debt will be retired. 


Sewer Improvements

The storm sewer improvements include reducing severe and recurring flooding in three separate drainage basin areas: Elm Place and Valley Street, Greenwood and Oakdale Avenues, Harbor Street and Linden Avenue.

While the sanitary sewer maintenance upgrades include rehabilitation of 25,000-feet of sanitary sewer and 30 manholes to reduce basement backups. 

The two sewer projects is estimated to cost $6.31 million and the village says are essential to reducing the impacts of flooding and sewer backup, and improving emergency access to neighborhoods. 

Street, Sidewalk Repairs

The $2.24 million street resurfacing program would be completed in two years and resurface about 20 percent of Glencoe’s streets.

About 100,000 square yards of pavement on streets that were last paved between 1987 and 1997 would be resurfaced, while 16,000 sidewalk squares would be repaired or replaced.


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