String of Winnetka Burglaries Sparks Concern from Police

Winnetka police are urging residents to take keep their eyes peeled after a string of six burglaries is being heavily investigated.

The is urging residents to take extra precautions after a string of six residential burglaries leaves investigators searching for clues.

Just last week from the second floor of two Winnetka homes, so Deputy Chief Joe Pellus says everyone should take extra precautionary measures. While Pellus wouldn’t say if anyone has been arrested yet, he says police are still investigating whether the burglaries are connected.

“At this point it’s hard to say,” Pellus said. “There are some burglaries that are consistent as far as entry, but to tie them together would just be speculation at this point… I do know that the entries were through an open back door, open windows or locked first floor windows.”

In a statement released by the police department, investigators say all the crimes occurred on the northwest side of the village. In addition, similarities suggest the crimes happened during the afternoon and early evening hours while the homes were unoccupied.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious, don’t wait, just call 911.”

Residents are urged to call 911 immediately if anything looks suspicious around the village. Winnetka police say that in the past, burglars have posed as contractors or surveyors and parked their cars nearby, so do not let suspicious sounds or people slip your attention.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious, don’t wait, just call 911,” Pellus said. “It’s better to call and for it to be nothing than not to call and something to happen.”

Residents can help protect their property by taking some basic proactive steps:

  • Home security system - If you have one, use it.
  • Lock your home.  Always keep the doors and windows to your home locked when no one is home.
  • Secure valuables, such as jewelry, in a bank safe deposit box.
  • Illuminate your home - Outside lighting, to include timers and motion sensors for both the front & back yards are both effective tools.
  • Do not let newspapers or package deliveries accumulate in view of the street.
  • Residents should communicate with their neighbors and watch out for each other, especially if they know their neighbors are away.  

The Winnetka Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers free security surveys. Upon request, an officer will conduct a survey of your home and make recommendations on how you can make the residence more secure and reduce the opportunity of becoming the victim of a crime. For more information or to schedule a survey, please contact Sergeant James Harrison at 847-716-3404.


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