6 Vehicles Burglarized, 2 Vehicles Stolen in Winnetka

Several vehicles in the area of Ash Street and Provident Avenue were burglarized over the weekend.

Winnetka police are warning residents of auto burglaries and thefts after six vehicles were burglarized and two vehicles were stolen during the overnight hours of Oct. 26 and 27. 

The eight vehicles were believed to be unlocked and ignition keys were in the two stolen Winnetka vehicles, according to police. 

After abandoning a car stolen from a Chicago resident in the 300 block of Provident Avenue, police say the offenders burglarized vehicles in the 300 to 400 block of Provident Avenue and in the 900 block of Ash Street. 

About $30 in cash was reported missing from an unlocked vehicle rummaged through in the 400 block of Provident Avenue, according to police reports. 

After rummaging through five other vehicles in the area of Provident Avenue and Ash Street, the burglars then stole a second vehicle in the 400 block of Provident Avenue, and a buck knife valued at $50 was stolen from the vehicle, police said. No property was reported missing from the five other vehicles, according to police reports.

The second stolen vehicle was then driven to the 1200 block of Lindenwood Drive, where the burglars abandoned it and stole a third vehicle, described as a navy blue Cadillac SRX, according to police reports. 

Anyone with information regarding these crimes should call the Winnetka Police Department at 847-501-6034. 

Winnetka Police Crime Prevention Tips 

  • Remove valuables from vehicles
  • Lock all vehicle doors every time you park
  • Keep all doors to your home locked
  • Use exterior lighting overnight
  • Call 911 whenever you see suspicious activity

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Winnetka October 31, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Any resident who doesn't secure their homes and cars in this economy is asking for trouble. They are endangering all their neighbors, many who are elderly, have young children, have latch-key kids, etc. Wise up Winnetka...you have just sent a Paperless Post out to the criminal community that our doors are " wide open" for their "business". Hopefully it won't take the assault, kidnapping, rape or worse of a Winnetkan to get the message of safety first, across. It's times like this, that having full access to our 2nd Amendment right would be enough of a deterrant to criminals coming into our community. Unfortunately they know we can't fill our guns w/ ammo or fire them(even in self defense) in this village. With that we must ask, are we truly free? I'd rather face a jury of 12 than be carried by 6.


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