Extreme Cold Kills Northfield Man, Woman Arrested For Bar Fight

A recap of the most popular stories from the Patch this week.

Northfield Police Remember Arthur Samuels
Winnetka's Arthur M. Samuels was born Oct. 5, 1911 and died Jan. 1, 2014.

Winnetka's Dennis O'Keefe Tapped for WGA Chairman
The Western Golf Association has been in the same headquarters in the Village of Golf since 1955.

Should Parents Have Brought Their Baby to Alinea?
Chicago chef Grant Achatz is considering banning kids from Alinea after parents brought a crying baby to the restaurant.

Wheaton Woman Arrested For Fighting Two People at a Bar
This week's reports from the Northfield and Glencoe police departments.

Unplugged: 10 Hilarious Games for Family Night
Have a good, gadget-free time.

What Did It Sell For? Glencoe's Priciest Homes
They may be off the market, but they're still in your neighborhood.

Extreme Cold Kills Northfield Man
Details provided by the Northfield police department. 


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