Winnetka Schools Update Entry Procedures

Winnetka Public Schools District 36 schools will now be keeping the interior set of doors locked in addition to locking the exterior front doors.

Following the recent school shooting in , Winnetka Public Schools District 36 has updated its entry producers, according to an email a school official sent to parents Wednesday. 

“At Crow Island, and in all of the elementary schools, in addition to locking the exterior front doors, we are now keeping the interior set of doors locked,” Dr. Julie Pfeffer, Crow Island School principal wrote in the email. “This way the entrance monitor has additional time to double-check all visitors.” 

Pfeffer says in the past the school district has not “tightly practiced” requiring parents to show identification when entering the school but in accordance with the board policy, schools will now be requiring all visitors to report to the building principal’s office, sign a visitor’s log, show identification and wear a visitor’s badge. 

“Whether you are walking your child to class and then quickly leaving, volunteering, or coming to school for a meeting, you will be asked to show an I.D.” Pfeffer wrote. “We understand that this will slow down the process of entering the building, and we appreciate your patience.” 

For large group events, such as the Winter Song scheduled for Thursday, the school will have a sign-in sheet. No identification will be needed for large group events, but visitors must wear a visitor badge.

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