New Trier Graduate Writes Novel

Pete David's first novel, "Mother Nature's Son," was inspired by his career working with natural resources.

Pete David, a '76 New Trier graduate and former Wilmette resident, became interested in writing during his freshman year English class, although he didn't even consider writing a novel until years later. 

"About four years ago, my wife and I were listening to a Carl Hiasson book on CD and I mentioned that I could write as well, if not better," he said. "She challenged me to write a book and that's when I started focusing on my writing."

Mother Nature's Son — which follows a federal wildlife officer, Lee Reynolds, as he's recruited to work for an eco-terrrist group that performs a cyber-crime with the intent of redistributing the wealth to help the environment — was inspired by David's 25-year career in natural resources, working with state and federal agencies. 

"My career certainly influenced the novel, having interacted with burned-out bureaucrats while working a long career with state and federal government agencies," David said. 

David, who currently lives in Albuquerque, N.M., has already nearly completed his second novel, a detective-mystery book called L.A. Confrontational. 

Mother Nature's Son is available on Amazon, both in print and e-version. You can also find out more about David and his book online at www.petedavidbooks.com


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