Glencoe Students Raise Money for Clean Water Project

Students at the Glencoe Junior Kindergarten and Nursery School held a "safari" fundraiser in school last week.

Glencoe children raised more than $200 for clean water in Africa, and the funds raised will support six families' water supply for one year.

The project is part of a larger series on Africa that three-year-olds at have studied in recent weeks, and wrapped up with a "safari" fundraiser on Feb. 23. 

In addition to learning about the animals in Africa, the students made their own Kente cloths out of pillowcases.

"The kids also discussed how the people in Africa can get very sick from the dirty water," said Debra Gaetano of the school. "The children were intrigued and wanted to know how they could help ... Since it was so much fun 'visiting' Africa, the class thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to give back to the country and decided to host an African Safari to raise money for the Pamoja project."

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