Evanston Police Close Winnetka Teacher's Case

David Wartik's attorney said they plan to appeal the Winnetka Public Schools Board's decision to dismiss Wartik.

The Evanston Police Department (EPD) has closed an investigation concerning David Wartik, a former teacher at Hubbard Woods School in .

"There are no charges to be filed based on the case status being closed," Cmdr. Jason Parrott said Monday.

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The Winnetka Public Schools Board voted unanimously to dismiss Wartik in mid-March. The tenured teacher had been on leave at the time due to concerns about the Evanston police investigation into a possible incident that happened in the late 1990s at a private North Shore school.

The board dismissed him because of what it termed as Wartik's "purposeful obstruction" of the district's investigation, not because of the police investigation itself.


Also on Monday, Wartik's attorney said his client will appeal his dismissal.

"We're going forward with an appeal to the board's decision," attorney Glenn Seiden said.

Seiden noted that the EPD's decision to close the case does not impact the school board's dismissal decision, which was based on an in-house investigation done by the Winnetka school board. 


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