How to Reset Your Windows Server 2008 Password in Easy Ways?

Login password has great influence on the data security of all Windows Server 2008 users. When you forget Windows Server 2008 password, what will you do?

Though there are millions of computer users all around the world nowadays, Windows Server 2008 users are just a small part. However, Windows Server 2008, a relative outdate operation system, is still a preferred operation system vision to many users. Now that its successor, Windows Server 2012, is available, you're unlikely to hear much excitement for Windows Server 2008 around IT water coolers, but that's not to suggest it'll fade into oblivion anytime soon. In fact, Microsoft has extended its mainstream support to deliver free security fixes of the server OS -- previously set to expire on July 9th, 2013 -- through January 15th, 2015. All along, the issue on Windows Server 2008 password is one of the biggest concerns to Windows Server 2008 users. This passage is to discuss how to reset password Windows Server 2008 in easy ways.

Method 1: Reset Windows Server 2008 password by an available administrator account

Precondition: You have an administrator account except for the account you want to reset your password for.

It is a pretty easy thing to reset your Windows Server 2008 password if what you forgot is not on a domain or just a domain user other than the domain administrator. You can ask a favor of someone who has an Administrator account on your computer. Just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Select one of the local user accounts except for the account you want to reset your password for.

Step 2: Click on Reset button, and then top on Yes to continue.

Step 3: Click OK when the password reset is finished.

Step 4: Reboot your Windows Server 2008 computer.

When you see the logon screen, you can access the target user account without password.

Method 2: Reset Windows Server 2008 password by Windows reset disk

Precondition: You have a Windows Server 2008 password reset disk prepared in advance.

Password reset disk is widely used to unlock lost Windows passwords. Windows Server 2008 allows users to create Windows password reset disk with USB flash drive or a CD/DVD. This method is advisable if you have made a password reset disk in advance. It is supposed to be the easiest way to reset lost password. You can easily reset Windows Server 2008 passwords for both admin and guest accounts in several seconds.

Step 1: Click on reset password in the Windows Server 2008 login screen after you have entered a wrong password.

Step 2: Insert your Windows Server 2008 reset disk into your locked computer.

Step 3: Reset your forgotten Windows Server 2008 password according to the step- by-step.

Step 4: After the above-mentioned steps finished, take out the disk and restart your Windows Server 2008 system.

Now, you will find you can get access to your Computer without any password. Remember to create a new reliable password and ensure you keep it in mind.

Method 3: Reset Windows Server 2008 password by Anmosoft Windows Password Reset

When it comes to the easiest way to reset Windows Server 2008 password, a third-party tool should be the first choice. There are many freeware on Internet, such as Ophcrack, John the Ripper, LCP, etc. If you’re a professional computer user and have no limits for time, you can try to make use of them. However, to most users, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset is a better tool. Well, it is not free software, it charges. It is powerful and professional and will definitely make you feel that the money is worth to pay. Meanwhile, it is easy-to-use: no need to access to any user account; no need to take long time to find any wordlists; no need to worry about password length. With Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, users only need to find an accessible computer and a CD/DVD or USB drive, and then they can remove the forgotten password directly, or free change Windows Server 2000 password to a new one, or even create a new admin account.

Step 1: Download Anmosoft Windows Password Reset from its website to an accessible computer and then install it according to the guide.

Step 2: Put a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer and make a Windows Server 2008 password reset disk step by step.

Step 3: Insert the disk into your locked computer. Then it can reset your Windows password automatically after you have selected your targeted OS, disk and account.

Step 4: At last, reboot your Windows Server 2008 system and then you can log in successfully again.


1. After you’ve logged in your Windows Server 2008, you’d better make a well-designed password hint in case you forget your password again one day.

2. If you can write a script and know how to edit registry offline, you can also boot your Windows server 2008 computer with a Windows PE boot disk, and create a VB script to reset the forgotten password.

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Sally William January 15, 2014 at 02:15 AM
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Zachary Paterson February 25, 2014 at 10:08 PM
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