Winnetka’s Proposed $70.8M Budget Could Mean 1.7% Property Tax Increase

A Village Council hearing on the budget for the fiscal year 2014 is scheduled for March 5 and the budget is expected to be adopted on March 19.


Winnetka officials say the proposed $70.8 million budget for fiscal year 2014 could mean a 1.7 percent property tax increase or about $60 increase for the average Winnetka taxpayer with a $26,345 total property tax bill; the slight increase is mainly due to wage and benefit cost increases for village employees, Chicago Tribune reported. 

Stormwater projects represent the largest line item increase in the budget at $7.3 million but is mostly money transferred from the reserve fund and will not affect taxes; minus stormwater projects, the total budget is closer to $57.5 million, Winnetka officials told Chicago Tribune. 

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