Winnetka Park District Approves 2012 Budget and Plans for Skokie Playfield

The board meets on Thursday, Feb. 23.

Within an hour and 45 minutes, the approved the budget for 2012 and decided to move forward with plans for Skokie Playfield. Part of the plans include the installation of synthetic turf for the playfield.

The synthetic turf's initial cost of $1 million is five times as much as grass, which costs $200,000 for its installation. But officials point to the long-term benefits of turf: decreased maintenance costs in coming years and more playable days. In light of flooding and weather issues, officials believe the turf will pay off in the end.


In addition, the board approved a new concession vendor, Organic Life, for golf course concessions. Organic Life also services Glencoe's public school district.

A construction contract for the tennis center's renovation and a separate contract for its architecture were approved.

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