New Trier Democrats Endorse Sheyman

Schakowsky, Morrison also get nod.

 was endorsed for the Democratic nomination in the March 20 primary Sunday by the New Trier Township Democratic Organization for the opportunity to challenge .

A community organizer from Waukegan, Sheyman received the nod from 64.42 percent of the ballots cast for the 10th Congressional District nomination by more than 200 members of the group. Balloting was limited to paid members of the New Trier Democrats.

 was preferred by 30.06 percent while Mundelein attorney and Long Grove business owner John Tree garnered 4.72 percent between them.

In the 9th Congressional District, the organization overwhelmingly preferred  who got 97.2 percent of the vote while Evanston teacher Simon Rubiero received 2.8 percent.

In the race to succeed state , West Deerfield Township Supervisor  was the choice of 76.8 percent of the members while Lake Bluff business consultant  was liked by 23.2 percent.

The most hotly contested race was for the 10th District with scores of people wearing shirts or buttons advocating support for either Sheyman or Schneider. Both candidates asked the group for support along with Bavda and Tree. A fifth contender, Hainesville mathematician  was not there.

“From a kernel of an idea we have proven we can win if you stick to grass roots organizing,” Sheyman told the group. “The New Democrats are an educated, discerning group who want progressive leadership,” he added after learning of his victory.

Schneider Stresses Experience

Schneider stressed his own progressive values as well as experience gained over 29 years in the working world. He told the group how he entered the work force during the 1983 recession, “the worse since the Depression until now,” Schneider said. He had to volunteer his engineering skills on a Kibbutz in Israel for a year before landing a job in the United States.

“That was one year, now we’re going on three,” Schneider said. “When my wife was pregnant with our first child I lost my job. I know what it’s like to worry about the future.”

A number of people spoke in support of Schneider and Sheyman before the secret ballots were cast. No one rose to endorse Tree or Bavda. Most of Sheyman’s supporters touted his organizational skills and progressive message.

“I have found his organizing skills to be some of the best I’ve seen in my time in politics,”  said. “He’s ready to step into Congress and be a progressive leader.”

Those backing Schneider argued he was the most electable Democrat in the Nov. 6 general election against Dold.

“We’ve been on this mission for 32 years,” Alan Brown of Winnetka said of the Democratic quest to win the district. “Now is the time to win and Brad Schneider is the most electable against Dold. We need someone who can win.”

Many Pleased Schakowsky Will Represent Them

. Now only Glencoe remains while Winnetka, Northfield, Wilmette and Kenilworth are in the 9th.

When it was time for members to argue for the endorsement in the 9th, many expressed their happiness that Schakowsky was now their voice in Congress.

“She has been our surrogate Congresswoman for so many years,” former 10thDistrict Committeeman and New Trier Township Chairman Bill Crowley said. “I am thoroughly pleased she will actually represent us.”

Schakowsky received the unanimous endorsement of the Wheeling Township Democrats Wednesday and has also gotten the nod from Evanston and Maine Townships. Niles Township does not make endorsements.

When it came time to endorse a candidate for the Illinois State Senate, Morrison touted her ability to balance the West Deerfield Township budget for 14 years as well as her work with those in need. That is what sold Garrett.

“Julie Morrison has stood up for the persons who are most vulnerable among us,” Garrett said. “She will do what she has done for people in Deerfield, Highland Park and Lake Forest for those in need in the state.”

Dan Kaplan of Winnetka spoke in favor of Sumption because of his commitment to Democratic values and his business background. “We need someone in Springfield who understands business,” he said.

Judith Mandel January 30, 2012 at 12:26 PM
Ilya Sheyman is the best choice to represent the Democrats against Bob Dold.


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