Friedman Declares Candidacy to Replace Garrett

Mark Neerhof tells group he will oppose Karen May.

With a call to repeal the Illinois income tax increase passed in January, Highland Park pediatrician officially declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination to succeed retiring Monday night. 


“We have to create a business friendly environment, repeal the tax increase hand in hand with cutting spending,” Friedman told a crowd of more than 60 people at a restaurant in Highland Park’s Ravinia neighborhood. 

Friedman, 45, is the only announced Republican candidate. He's a Highland Park native who served as a helicopter pilot in the United States Navy before becoming a pediatrician. He is married with five children.

He ran for the Republican nomination for the 10th Congressional District seat in 2010 and lost in the primary to now  

of Deerfield is currently the sole Democratic contender. Township High School District 113 Board Member told Patch Monday she would not run.

The primary will be March 20 with the general election in November, 2012. 

Morrison has not taken a position on the tax increase or its repeal. “I want to study it more,” she said. “I want to see what effect it will have and what effect repeal would have.” 

Garrett voted against the tax hike and supported it. 

Friedman told Patch over the weekend he intended to run and would make a formal announcement by the end of the month. Monday’s event was supposed to be a fundraiser for the Doctors and Patients Alliance of Illinois, a Political Action Committee Friedman formed last month. 

“I was going to wait but it feels right with everyone here,” Friedman said of his decision to make his announcement Monday. 

Nerrhof will run against May

Minutes before Friedman told the crowd he was running, Dr. Mark Neerhof, 52, of Lake Forest, stunned the gathering by telling them he was seeking the Republican nomination to oppose May. This will be Neerhof’s first run for public office. 

“Obamacare will take us down financially and it will take down the medical system,” Neerhof said. His desire to reform Medicaid is a central part of his platform. “Medicaid is the leading budget item in Illinois."

May reiterated her intention to run for reelection to Patch Monday. She was not surprised by Neerhof’s announcement.

“This is part of the political process,” she said. “We’ll run the same competitive campaign we always do.” 

Friedman criticized the current Democratic controlled government in Springfield for what he called Illinois’s failings as a state. 

“They (the Democrats) want bigger government, higher taxes and less economic freedom,” Friedman said. “States that have failed have pursued that policy. Those who have succeeded have taken another route.” 

Excitement from supporters

The room was filled with other candidates and political activists who were thrilled with Friedman’s decision. Lake County State’s Attorney candidate of Lake Barrington was there to support Friedman and meet Highland Park residents. 

“I know of Arie (Friedman). He’s really gained stature and leadership,” Winter said. “This is part of Lake County and I want to meet the constituents in Highland Park.” 

Moraine Township Republican Chairman Lou Atsaves of Lake Forest was thrilled not only with Friedman’s announcement but the fact he has been a local party activist. 

“I’m excited because Arie Friedman is one of our precinct committeemen,” he said.

Ellsworth Mills of Highland Park has been a Republican precinct committeeman since 1951. He was impressed with Friedman when he ran for Congress and expects good things from him now.

“He presented a very good perspective before and he probably has the same outlook,” Mills said. “He brings a lot of good credentials.” 

Joe Ptak August 30, 2011 at 04:54 PM
Dr. Arie Friedman is the type of REAL leader our country desperately needs. He has served our country with distinction in the military, and now his sense of duty compells him to speak and lead from the front. Our state needs more men like him and I hope I hope Dr. Friedman's actions inspires other individuals of similar capacities to do the same. AMERICA is in desperate need of REAL leaders that have to step forward...they can start by supporting Dr. Friedman.
Joe Ptak August 30, 2011 at 05:01 PM
OMG...wish spell check was automatic! GO ARIE GO!
Jon Hall August 31, 2011 at 05:46 PM
What??? This guy couldn't even beat a total dolt.
Jack Steen October 11, 2011 at 10:03 PM
Another carpetbagging TeaKluxer wanting to get out of paying his taxes !!


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