Final Stormwater Utility Vote Likely Tuesday

After much discussion, the Winnetka Village Council will likely approve a storm water utility to help pay for stormwater improvements to prevent flooding.

The Winnetka Village Council is set to vote on a storm water utility at its meeting Tuesday night, which it will likely approve, according to an article in Winnetka Talk.

The utility would help pay for the $34.5 million stormwater improvement plan, including the Willow Road tunnel, that will help relieve flooding in a 900-acre area on the west side of town.

The fee, which will start being collected in July, is based on the amount of impervious surface area on a piece of property. That includes rooftops, driveways, tennis courts, and anything else where water can’t get through to the soil. The village has a stormwater utility fee estimator available on its website.

You can read the full Winnetka Talk article here.


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