Demolition Requests for Historic Glencoe Homes Worry Commissioners

Demolition permits were requested for two homes, both 100-plus years old,

Courtesy of the Village of Glencoe
Courtesy of the Village of Glencoe
The following is from the Village of Glencoe:

At the April 8 Historic Preservation Commission meeting, Commissioners reviewed a demolition application for 609 Sheridan Road. The brick and stone home with green tile roof was constructed in 1908 with many additions occurring after 1977 that expanded the original footprint.

This demolition permit was received in close proximity to a demolition permit for 135 Maple Hill Road which is an Arts & Crafts home originally built in 1910 with significant improvements made to the home and coach house in 1998 and 2006. Both improvements were recognized with preservation awards given by the Commission. While both homes have architectural significance, neither is protected with landmark status.

The pending demolitions have several similarities that concerned Commissioners in what could be a new trend with teardowns. Both homes were owned for 30+ years. Both homes were well maintained and included recent investment in improvements. Both homes are located on large lots – each 3 exceeding 30,000 square feet. Neither property was formally listed for sale on the MLS. Commissioners were alarmed by the loss of these two homes and agreed to continue to discuss opportunities for raising awareness about preservation of the Village’s architecturally significant structures.

S.Foi April 12, 2014 at 08:47 PM
That was the Coleman residence from way back to the 40's at least......the Commission has a FIDUCIARY DUTY to reject the demolition permit by some clueless, care less airheaded idiot, or else it should DE commission itself......and get outta town!!!!!!!!!


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