Democratic Voters Unsure of Choice for Congress

As Democratic challengers criticize Dold, nearly half of likely voters remain undecided.


Nearly half the people who plan to vote in the March 20 Democratic Congressional primary are not sure of their choice as the five candidates continue to snipe at the man they hope to challenge, .

The first published poll on the Democratic primary, conducted by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), shows 49 percent of likely voters in the 10th Congressional District are not sure who they will support. The PCCC backs , one of the candidates.

Of the 410 likely Democratic voters surveyed who have a favorite, 23 percent favor Sheyman and 21 percent like . With a margin of error of 4.8 percent, Sheyman and Schneider are in a statistical tie.

The poll also showed Long Grove business owner with five percent and Mundelein Attorney with two percent. The survey did not ask voters about a fifth candidate, Haninesville mathematician .

Sheyman has been running since April and Schneider declared his candidacy in May. Bavda joined the race in September, Tree announced his candidacy in November and Rutagwbira filed petitions Dec. 27.

Voters Prefer Progressive

The poll also asked potential voters if they preferred a more progressive or more moderate candidate. Of those surveyed, 64 percent want a more progressive representative and 25 percent would rather have a moderate.

The PCCC considers the results of its poll a sign people are more likely to flock to Sheyman than Schneider. “Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly want a bold progressive candidate not a conservative Democrat like Brad Schneider,” PCCC Neil Sroka said.

Schneider rejects the notion he is a conservative. “He’s going to go to Congress to stand up for middle class jobs, protect a woman’s right to choose, preserve Medicare and Social Security and defend our environment against big polluters,” Schneider campaign spokesperson Jarrod Backous said.

Sheyman was thrilled with the results. He sees it as a sign the work he has done through an organization of 500 volunteers is paying off.

“Voters are hungry for a bold, progressive candidate who has a proven track record of standing up with backbone and conviction for middle-class families," Sheyman said.

Candidates Criticize Dold

Meanwhile, all five candidates took aim at c about his bipartisan efforts and frustration with stalemates in Congress.

Both Tree and Schneider criticized Dold for being too close to the Tea Party, while Sheyman took him to task for signing a pledge never to raise taxes under any circumstances.

“Congressman Dold is part of the problem in Washington, caving in to the tea party on the debt ceiling and even voting against extending the payroll tax cut to score cheap political points,” Tree said.

Dold was , according to statements Dold made to Patch Dec. 22.

Schneider was critical of Dold for partisan votes. “Like a good Republican soldier, Bob Dold has fallen in line and voted with his party time and again, consistently putting party before the interests of the people in the Tenth District,” he said.

Dold campaign spokesperson John Blessing countered the five Democrats’ partisan attacks, claiming the North Shore Congressman has been rated as “one of the more centrist” representatives.

“He has often times been one of a handful of Republicans to stand up and vote pro-environment, pro-choice and for sensible gun control,” Blessing said. “Congressman Dold is proud of his record representing the district.”

Sully January 18, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Good luck with that Gary. Again, you spout right wing talking points. "Buying" votes- check. "Ponzi scheme"- check. "IOU" written by the government- check.
Deep Dish Pizza January 18, 2012 at 03:47 AM
It doesn't matter how many times Dold's sockpuppet flaks tell the lie that he's some kind of mod. Voting to redefine rape to make it more difficult for victims to get help..... AND voting to kill Medicare as we know it....... while ALSO voting time and again to protect massive taxpayer subsidies to hugely profitable oil companies ...... while ALSO voting to kill green jobs right here at home..... .....all makes Dold nothing more than weak tea.
Deep Dish Pizza January 18, 2012 at 03:58 AM
hey Gary - for a conservative you sure do complain about George W Bush alot. Oh wait. Your trying to be sarcastic on a comment about sarcasm. Yeah. Not working. FYI - Newt Gingrich was the one who admitted last year The TEApublicans were doing social engineering. You can look it up. And the vast majority of the current $15,000,000,000 debt came thanks to TEApublican heroes Reagan, Bush Sr and Bush Jr. Clinton started paying off the debt (he didn't add any) and Obama has only added a much smaller portion that Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush jr. But TEApublicans don't like to hear facts. Not while there's a Democrat running the country and spending LESS than W while also CUTTING the budget (also the opposite of W).
mondovibe February 14, 2012 at 05:02 PM
I remember when we used to have progressive republicans and dixie dems...when conservative meant conserving energy, 'don't pollute' keeping the environment clean, fair profits, against socioeconomic & environmental exploitation, the corporatocracy/robber barrons/organized racketeering & loan sharking/ the industrial war machine, they believed in safely Made in USA labor & industry & dignified retirement, good education, capitalism balanced with sustainable socialized infrastructure and kept their noses out of other's private decisions. Progressive is good for everyone, not just 'the top few' that are showing record privatized untaxed profits, while communities are devasted & cut, suffering from socializing the cost and fall out of house of cards built on toxic assets. Ilya gets it:)
mondovibe February 14, 2012 at 05:28 PM
the bailed out golden parachuted wall st /banksters are the ponzi schemers that gambled our economy, homes, retirement off shore, spewing their toxic assets/house of cards to the whole world...look up what goldman sachs to Greece...merrill lynch slid trillions more of their bundled toxins into BoA FDIC insured accounts last fall


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