Canceled Forum Angers Patch Readers

Patch readers share their thoughts on the cancelled League of Women Voters debate between Chris Rintz and Gene Greable, after Greable declined to participate.

, because Greable declined to participate.

"My qualifications to serve as President and my long and active record of leadership are very well known," Greable told Patch. "My resume speaks for itself. The Winnetka Caucus Council interviewed us both at length and then selected me."

Patch readers weighed in on the cancelled debate in Patch's earlier coverage. While most were upset that both candidates weren't williing to participate, some understood while Greable declined. 

"Gene Greable has always conducted himself as an honest fair representative of his fellow villagers, listening with an open and fair mind to the taxpayers for the good of our village and abiding by our long honored rules without resorting to underhanded tactics to run people away from serving," commenter Antonia Duhe wrote. 

Other commenters, however, felt that it was unfair for Greable to decline to participate. 

"I have to say I lose respect for a candidate who refuses to debate his opponent in a public forum" commenter nsmom wrote. "The league does an excellent job moderating debates for all parties. Greable does the voters a disservice by refusing to debate."

Veep felt similarly, noting that "No one's resume 'speaks' for them!"

"Only someone feeling threatened hides behind an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper," Veep wrote. "But the confident, trustworthy, quick-on-their feet candidate should SPEAK for themselves in an open debate." 

How do you feel about the candidate debate? Tell us in teh comments!

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J.M.McLaughlin March 28, 2013 at 11:12 PM
The proven, successful process of the Winnetka Caucus system has chosen Mr. Greable, whose resume speaks volumes to me. Mr. Greable has gone through a series of tough Q & A sessions that the knowledgeable Caucus members performed on our behalf. As a former Caucus Chair for our Parks, I can attest to this process. Whether either candidate is whip smart on stage in a debate setting does not, in my opinion, qualify them to be the Winnetka Village President. The Caucus vetting process and endorsement however, does. J.M.McLaughlin
Sunshine April 09, 2013 at 05:25 PM
This is such a biased headline. How can a forum be "cancelled" if it was never agreed to in the first place?
William Smith April 09, 2013 at 06:13 PM
Mr. Greable should have taken this as a campaign opportunity. Many people would have attended. Many people had questions for both candidates. Mr. Rintz made himself available for this forum and throughout the campaign.
Sunshine April 09, 2013 at 06:54 PM
Why should a vetted candidate give credibility to an independent? Is there any history of candidate debates in WInnetka? Again, how can a debate be "cancelled" if a candidate never agreed to participate? Gene already went through the vetting process. I am 1000% in favor of independent candidates. It keeps the caucus on its toes and it is what democracy is all about. If Gene wins, the AH fangirls will know what the majority of the village supports (again) and if Chris wins, the rest of the village will know that his opinion has backers. That doesn't mean that Gene had any obligation to debate.


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