Police: Suspicious Auto, Suspicious People

Northfield police responded to a report of suspicious people going door to door offering siding inspections.

The following reports were provided by the Northfield Police Department. 

Suspicious Auto

On Jan. 14, someone on Meadowview Dr. reported a supicious car in the area but responding officers found no suspicious people in the area, according to police. 

On Jan. 18, someone on the 1700 block of Northfield Sq. reported a suspicious gold minivan in the area, police say. Responding officers found a student driver practicing, according to police. 

Suspicious Person

On Jan. 19, someone on the 300 block of Linden Ave. reported suspicious people going door to door to look at siding, claiming to be home repairmen, according to police. Responding officers advised two people to obtain a permit before going soliciting, police say.


On Jan. 19, a taxi driver reported a male subject skipping on a bill, according to police. The subject gave the driver $20 on a roughly $50 bill, then told the driver he needs to go into a house on Rolling Ridge Rd. to retrieve more money, police say. 

The subject went around back but never came out, and when the taxi driver rang the doorbell to the house, the homeowners said no male subjects in the house had used a taxi that night, according to police. 


On Jan. 18, someone on the 2000 block of Suffork Rd. reported damage to their mailbox, police say. Responding officers found the mailbox and post laying on the ground with no marks or sign of damage, according to police. 

Sick/Injured Animal

On Jan. 19, someone on the 1800 block of Winnetka Rd. reported a dead white cat in the roadway, police say. Responding officer transported the animal to a police freezer, until waste removal picked it up, according to police.

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