Northfield Police Respond To Unknown Odor Report

Also featured in this week's blotter: a suspicious person sighted near Briar Ln. and a very large pothole spotted by the cops.

The following reports were provided by the Northfield Police Department. 

Citizen Complaint

On Feb. 4, someone on the 300 block of Happ Rd. reported a car horn sounding nearby and an unusual smell in the area, according to police. Responding officers found the car whose horn was going off, spoke to the vehicle's owner and the horn was silenced, but the source of odor could not be determined, police say. The woman later told officers the smell went away, according to police. 


On Feb. 6, a Northfield police patrol officer noticed a very large pothole on Frontage Rd., north of Winnetka Rd., police say. The Cook County Highway Dept. was notified, according to police. 

On Feb. 8, someone reported an unknown person near Willow Rd. and Alice Pl., throwing snowballs at passing cars, according to police.  Responding officers did not find anyone in the area, police say. 

Suspicious Person

On Feb. 6, someone near Briar Ln. and Old Willow Rd. reported a suspicious man walking around Old Willow Rd., according to police. Responding officers found the man, who was a nearby resident, and sent him on his way, police say.

Stray Cat

On Feb. 6, a resident on the 0-100 block of Meadowview Dr. reported an unknown, gray and white cat has been appearing on the resident's back deck, according to police. The call was transferred to a Northfield public safety officer, police say.

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