Glencoe Blotter: Dead Animal Thief & Sipping Maker's Mark While Driving

From a thief who attempted to steal a bunch of frozen road kill to a Winnetka man caught driving drunk with a cup of whiskey, these are the most interesting police reports.

DUI and Possession

Wednesday, Aug. 15
Jeffery Wilson Jr., 27, of Bartlett was arrested Wednesday for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of drugs and driving under the influence of a mind-altering substance. Wilson also didn’t have car insurance, police said. He was pulled over by Glencoe police near the corner of Green Bay and Glen Cook roads. His pending court date is Sept. 19.

The Frozen Animal Snatcher

Thursday, Aug. 16
An unknown suspect broke into the Glencoe Public Works facility on the 600 block of Village Court Thursday night in an attempt to enter a building most people wouldn’t dare.

According to the report, someone cut the fence around the perimeter, snuck onto the grounds and cut the lock on the large freezer-shed that public works uses to store deceased animals. Glencoe keeps dead animals like road kill frozen in the shed until they’re picked up and property disposed of. Police have yet to find the attempted burglar.

Theft of Financial Identity

Friday, Aug. 17
A 63-year-old Glencoe resident called police Friday after learning his credit card was fraudulently used in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Police revealed the suspect racked up a total of $12,389 before being caught by the cardholder.

Improperly Loud Car

Sunday, Aug. 19
Hunter Harrison, 26, of Indian Hill Drive in Winnetka was pulled over and arrested by Glencoe Police Sunday for driving with a suspended license. He was initially pulled over where Dundee Road meets the Edens Expressway for having improperly loud exhaust, but police discovered his license was suspended and his registration was improperly displayed. Harrison’s court date is set for Sept. 19.

Stolen Bicycle

Wednesday, Aug. 22
Police were called to the on Wednesday after a $300 bike was reported missing from the premises. The bike was not locked to anything.

DUI, Open Intoxicants in the Car

Friday, Aug. 24
Raymond Walker, 64, of the 1100 bock of Ash Street in Winnetka was arrested Friday evening after having too much to drink, and continuing to drink while driving. Walker was pulled near the corner of Green Bay Road and Tudor Court and was arrested for improper lane usage, a light violation and driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the report, Walker was also drinking a cup of Maker’s Mark whiskey while driving the car. His initial court date is Sept. 19.

Stolen Bicycle

Saturday, Aug. 25
Another bike was stolen from the on Saturday, however, this time the bike was locked down by a cable and standard barrel lock. The bike is valued at $150. 


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