6 New Trier Students Charged With Distributing Inappropriate Photos

The police investigation began last month. The male students are being charged as juveniles and police are not releasing their names.

Six New Trier High School students were charged with distributing inappropriate photos by text and email, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The investigation began last month and District 203 Superintendent Linda Yonke alerted parents that the police were looking into the matter.

According to the Tribune, Winnetka police confirmed Tuesday that six male students were charged Oct. 25 after police interviewed more than 20 students in their investigation. Police are not releasing the students’ names or hometowns, or saying how the photos were inappropriate.

In her letter to parents, Yonke wrote, according to Wilmette Life: “We hope families can use this opportunity to reinforce our internet safety messages and to discuss the consequences and permanency of actions involving the internet, social media, texting or other forms of electronic communication.”

You can read the full Tribune story here.

Winnetka October 31, 2012 at 03:48 PM
"Student safety is a fundamental priority at New Trier, and we continue to discuss with our students the consequences and permanency of actions.....,” Dizon wrote. “ Hogwash...a sophomore was run over and left nearly for dead in the road 2 blocks from school, by a senior coming down from a high. A male student was taken advantage of by a female German language teacher who was "let go" but were any charges ever filed? Allegedly an exchange student was quietly ushered out the door after it came to light that he had fondled atleast 7 female students in the stairwell. Let's not forget all the drug busts that occur with regular frequency as reported in the local paper on and immediately off campus involving NT students. The only fundamental priority at NTHS...are keeping teacher/administrator salaries and pensions as bloated as possible. As taxpayers we are expected to pay up to keep teachers and administrators in the black while many of us are in the red. This whole situation w/ the "inappropriate" pics should have the parents seeing red. It's one in a long line of bad sitations that keep occuring at NTHS. The school is too big and the current administration is clearly not up to the task of implementing and ensuring safety. If they were...then why do they resist allowing the police to bring a canine unit into both West and East campuses??? What are they afraid of? One of the students might get bit?
Goodness Sake November 01, 2012 at 12:57 AM
The senior was not in fact "coming down from a high" she had the drugs in her system from the day before. And she went to jail, like she deserved. What else was the school supposed to do? They are doing there best, but at the end of the day kids are going to do drugs no matter how good the health class is (ours is actually pretty good) and no matter how much land you buy in an attempt to keep it away from the school.They can't follow the students every second of the day. The same with the drug busts. In fact, the fact that they took to time to track down these students is better than most. How many stories have you heard where girls are driven to suicide from pictures sent around of them naked? At least NT attempted to deal with the situation before it got out of hand. At a certain point we need to look at the parents to discipline there kids properly. Canines? Really? Do you really want to bring that attitude to a school. Kids need discipline, but they also need to gain confidence in themselves. Part of the reason I liked NT was that it was tough and the rules were strict, but at the same time the teachers treated us like functional human beings who could make our own decisions. You want your kids to have the best education yet you don't want them to grow up? Good luck.
Cole Pierce November 01, 2012 at 01:31 AM
The pictures being sent around is just a student prank. Kids will be kids. If a female poses and sends out these pictures it's her fault. Again kids being kids. Let's deal with serious issues. This is a waste of time and.resources. I went to NT and had a great time.
Darryk Donger November 01, 2012 at 01:03 PM
I went to NT. Loved every moment of it. The education was superb, the teachers were intelligent and respectful for the most part. But what made the school great were the kids that attended. I forged some of my greatest friendships here, and nearly TWENTY years later they many are still in tact. If you want to rip the administration and their payroll, go ahead. But some girl goes off and sends some compromising picture of herself to someone else and it goes viral, and you blame some boys from forwarding it? What would you have done in high school? heck, what would you do now if you got a picture of a passed out neighbor slumped over a picnic table with their pants around their ankles and a bottle of beam in hand? Yeah, that's right, you'd show it to someone. So here's what everyone should remember and everyone should tell their kids. Rule #1: if you are doing something questionable, compromising or illegal, don't film it! Rule #2: don't send it to anyone!
BigMama November 01, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Was the girl charged with sending indecent photos?
ebuddha November 01, 2012 at 09:35 PM
to Goodness Sake - it appears you must be the product of NT as you do not know the difference between "there" and "their". you ask, "what else are they supposed to do?" -- how about being proactive rather than dealing with things after they become a problem. nearby high schools have dog searches. how about a technology seminar for students - i think there are evening seminars for parents - but all students should attend.
lee November 03, 2012 at 11:39 PM
For what? Bad judgement? Geez. I agree with the comment about Boys will be boys. There's something to be said about Jefferson's sentiments: the bigger the government, the less the liberty. Don't the police have better things to do? This needs to be addressed by parents and community organizations like temple and churches. These limousine liberals---Do As I Say. Speaking of limousine liberals/major Winnetka bullies: the Crown Royals have a full on rebellion in their Versailles of a company town down here in Colorado: Aspen. Google Shia Kapos Haves vs. Have-nots. Now it's getting interesting: http://www.aspendailynews.com/section/home/155184 and http://www.aspendailynews.com/section/home/155327
Winnetka November 04, 2012 at 12:39 AM
@goodness sake I'm sure the NT sophomore who had her life turned upside down by a senior who "had drugs in her system" aka coming down from a high, and whose own family members had drug bust priors, would not agree w/ your cavalier attitude and assessment of the state of drug use at New Trier. I'm certain her family would do anything to roll back the hands of time on her new reality post traumatic brain injury. So what that the druggie senior went to "jail". She changed someone's life forever, and justice truly was not served. Had there been a stiffer penalty-as in hard time in prison, then maybe that adorable 5yr old angel that was killed in HP might be alive. Maybe her murderer, yet another teen druggie repeat offender would have "sobered up" to the possibility of hard time and not gotten behind the wheel huffing that day.
karen Kennedy November 05, 2012 at 03:45 PM
I hope the students charged hire great lawyers, because this is so wrong. The girls created the photos of themselves and distributed them, but they charged the boys who passed them around. I honestly do not understand these girls -- these Kardasian/Paris Hilton inspired porn chicks who love flaunting their exploitables. And now the boys who received these highly charged photos are charged. Why weren't the girls charged with manufacturing and distributing porn? Who started this? The girls. Boys will be boys.
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