How to Select Winter Cycling Gear Online

Cycling is not just meant for summers. Cyclists can enjoy the ride around the year with suitable cycling gear. For example, cyclists may need to buy cycling gear online to enjoy the ride with the same passion they do in summers without making fingers and toes feel cold. Does not matter if you are a professional cyclist or use cycling to keep you fit or to reach school, office, etc., you should always select clothing according to the weather. While selecting clothing for your cycling passion, you should consider the compression as the top point. You should look at factors like compression base layer and women base layers if you are a woman.

Here are a few tips that may help you choose best cycling gear online to continue your passion without any limitation of weather.

·         While requirements for winter clothing for cyclist are different, they need to look at some factors like stitching. Whether it is top or bottom or leggings, they must hold the body muscles firmly so that they can easily wear other clothes like jacket above them if required.

·         When you do cycling in cold weather, you should be extra careful about keeping your head warm, because effect of cold on head may be harsh taking you on bed for a few days. So, it is better to wear something like scarf under the helmet to keep your head warm and protected from cold waves.

·         Nose is yet another body part that you need to cover with a mask or thin but warm attire. 

·         Buy long sleeve compression base layer shirts then going out half sleeve or sleeveless jersey. If weather is too much cold then wear a thin but warm jersey inside the shirt to keep you warm. You can also add on a cycling jacket over the shirt. And, if it is wet winter then ensure that the jacket (if you wear it) is water resistant. Even if you are not wearing it, ensure that the top cloth is water resistant so that it can protect you from wet winter.

·         Wear cycling gloves to ensure that your fingers do not catch the cold. Without cycling gloves in winter your fingers will soon give you ice effect making it harder for you to enjoy the ride. Moreover, it will be harder to use brakes and shifters if your fingers are getting ice effect.

·         Wear long pants with compression base layer and if you are a woman, wear full length legging pants with women base layers to keep your thighs, buts, and other areas warm.

·         Do not forget to wear knee pad and elbow pad because in case you fall down, knee pad and elbow pad may protect you from knee and elbow injuries, which give more pain in winters.

·         Always wear socks, which are warm. And compliment your feet with cycling shoes. When you do cycling, pant may lift up so ensure that you wear fit cycling pants with compression base layer so that they do not lift up giving you extra protection and comfort.

These are a few tips to help you select and buy compression base layer cycling gear online for cycling in winters.


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