New Trier Alums Turn Summer Painting Job into 40 Years of Business

Wilmette’s Mellow Brothers Painting Company has painted places like Evanston High School, Lake Forest High School and New Trier High School.


Back in 1970, when brothers Rick and Dave Sweitzer and their best friend Randy Sorenson were painting Randy’s father’s house, people would stop and ask for quotes, so they decided it was time to start a business; now more than 40 years later, Wilmette’s Mellow Brothers Painting Company is still going strong, Wilmette Life reported. 

The company has done paint jobs for places like Evanston High School, Lake Forest High School, New Trier High School, Wilmette and Evanston police stations, and New Trier Township, where Supervisor Pat Cantor praises the company as clean and cooperative, Wilmette Life reported. 

Rick also owns The Northwest Passage and Polar Explorers. 

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