Winnetka: A Native American Word for 'Beautiful Place'

The Chicago Tribune's real estate section paints a beautiful picture of one of the city's best suburbs: Winnetka.

"The Winnetka beach is a teal-colored sheet of glass, sailboats gliding along the horizon. The shimmering water is 73 degrees, and the lifeguard's ponytail dances in a summer breeze," the Chicago Tribune began.

The real estate section of the publication paints a beautiful picture of one of Chicago's most appealing suburbs, describing , quaint culture and wealthy residents. With just 16 miles between Winnetka and the downtown loop, the Tribune says it's "what newer Cook County suburbs aspire to be."

To view some of the most stunning, expensive homes in the area, check out Patch's column, "Wow House."

Read more about the benefits of living in Winnetka here on the Chicago Tribune


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