Glencoe Cougar Sighting Probably Not Cougar

Another week, another large cat is reported around the North Shore. Still, no evidence of the animal was found.

Has a large cat resurfaced on the North Shore recently? Probably not, officials say.

A horticulturist who works for the Chicago Botanic Garden reported a possible  cougar running into a wooded area near Lake Cook Road, last week, the Chicago Tribune reported.

However, a search of the area provided lots of deer tracks but nothing that looked like cougar printsaccording to the Chicago Tribune.

"We never want to say never, but at this point it appears unfounded," Glencoe's animal control officer, Katie Sweeney, told the Chicago Tribune in a later report. "We know there are quite a few coyotes in that area, and when it's dark, it can be easy to think you've seen a bigger animal."


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