Cougar Sighted, Torah Heads to Israel

A recap of the most popular stories from Winnetka-Glencoe Patch.

Wilmette Has Winnetka-Glencoe Beat In Affordable Houses
If you're hunting for a moderately priced home this weekend, you might not want to rule out Wilmette, Chicago Real Estate Daily reports.

Walmart Still Interested in North Shore
According to the Better Government Association, Walmart's withdrawal from Northbrook may have been a tactical decision to come back later.

Glencoe Torah Heads to Israel
Am Shalom gives one of its sacred scrolls to Israeli congregation.

Did You Know Frank Lloyd Wright Designed a Glencoe Bridge?
The Sylvan Road Bridge was first constructed in 1915 as an entrance to a subdivision.

Problem Patron At Stormy's, Police Ticket Over Dog Bite
Reports provided by the Northfield Police Department. 

North Shore Marshmallow Fairy Makes Holiday Treats
Jennifer Cox Weglarz makes homemade marshmallows in a variety of flavors which she also sells on Etsy.

Identity Stolen Through Gmail Account
Reports provided by the Winnetka Police Department. 

Glencoe Cougar Sighting Probably Not Cougar
Another week, another large cat is reported around the North Shore. 


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