Celebrate the Oscars With This Year's Kid-Friendly Nominated Movies

This weekend, cheer on your favorite 2013 Oscar-Nominated movies for families

The 2013 Oscar telecast is this weekend and as I was looking over the list of nominated movies I was thrilled by how many family-friendly movies were up for awards. I was excited that we had even seen quite a few of them together. There were quite a few years in the past when we hadn't seen any of the nominated movies and I felt like an outcast. While our kids were young, my husband and I found it was hard to keep up with movies. We only went to the theater to watch the latest animated kids’ flicks. Then, staying up past 11 p.m. to watch movies on DVD was nearly impossible when I was a tired and sleep-deprived Mom. However, now that my kids are in their tweens and teens we can finally keep up with the latest flicks.

Even though the Oscar telecast is on a Sunday night and tends to end way past the kids bed time, we might throw an Oscar viewing party this weekend to cheer on our favorite movies. If you’d like to do the same, here’s how to host a family-friendly Oscar Viewing Party. If you just want to have some fun watching these Oscar nominated movies at home, read 5 Ideas to Make Family Movie Night More Fun. Rent a bunch of them and have a movie marathon this weekend!

Here’s a list of the movies rated G or PG (appropriate for kids under 12), that are up for various Oscar awards this weekend. Click on the movie name for a review of the movie from CommonSenseMedia.org and see if it is age appropriate for your kids.

Brave – Scottish Mother-Daughter Disney Princess Movie with lots of action

Frankenweenie – Tim Burton’s take on a young Dr. Frankenstein

Life of Pi – A beautiful story about faith and odd friendships

ParaNorman – Super cute Monster movie for tweens

Pirates, Band of Misfits – Very fun, stop action Pirate movie with Victorian England setting

Mirror, Mirror – Nominated for best costumes with an adorable Snow White and a fun Julia Roberts as the Wicked Stepmother

Wreck It Ralph – Video game movies has some very funny scenes for kids and lots of nostalgia for their Atari-playing parents

Have you seen any of these kid-friendly movies? Which do you think deserves an Oscar?


Sue Kirchner is a family fun coach, blogger, kids party planner, and weekly contributor to Patch.com. Sue and her family fun ideas have been featured on TV, newspapers, magazines, blogs, as well as her own family fun site ChocolateCakeMoments.com.


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