MAGA Ltd. is Proud Their Executives are Honored for Exceptional Service and Dedication to Their Clients

This year, the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) ranked Peter R. Florek, vice president of MAGA Ltd., a family-owned and operated insurance agency, in Riverwoods, which focuses exclusively on Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) as 3rd nationally among the Top 10 agents of LTCI. MAGA President Brian I. Gordon ranked 6th nationally. This is the 12th annual awards program by the AALTC recognizing leading LTCI professionals working to meet the needs of consumers.

Northbrook resident Brian Gordon believes consumers deserve to know the exact restrictions and specific benefits for the policies they are considering. With approximately 12 companies in the marketplace selling LTCI policies, "it is important to me that I help families identify the best plan at a cost they can afford. In addition to selling LTCI policies, our company offers resources and education, claims assistance, policy reviews and long term planning support."

Adds Peter Florek, a Northbrook resident: "My goal has always been to educate our clients so that they can plan for the consequences of needing long term care."

Both Florek and Gordon work diligently to provide a personal touch in what most consumers believe is a confusing and complicated process. With the cost of LTCI policies rapidly skyrocketing and more Baby Boomers and seniors in need of long term care, both men search for policies that meet each consumer’s requirements, as well as connect them with other organizations that can help them.

"Brian and Peter’s work doesn’t stop at the sale, says Murray Gordon, MAGA’s founder and CEO. "When clients need home care or are confused about assisted living options, they go out of their way to help families. Peter and Brian received their recognition due to their deep knowledge about long term care insurance and their commitment to delivering services with a personal touch. These two factors are the reasons why they built strong client relationships as long term care insurance professionals."

Over years, the MAGA team has conducted hundreds of informative workshops for retiree groups, banks, associations, hospitals, corporations and more. Contact MAGA if you want more information about a workshop at your location.

To find out more about the challenges consumers are facing today in selecting a long term care insurance policy, please contact either Peter Florek or Brian Gordon at: 847-940-8866 or visit their website at: www.MAGAltc.com



About MAGA Ltd.

Established in 1975 and licensed nationally, MAGA is a family-owned and operated long term care insurance (LTCI) agency. The firm provides unbiased educational services about planning for a long term care event as well as a variety of resources and support to clients, financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys. For more than 38 years, MAGA has offered a tailored, personalized approach to helping clients plan for long term care events. Phone: 800-533-6242. www.MAGAltc.com



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