Friedman Campaign Hides NRA Ties

Arie Friedman's Campaign Hides NRA Ties

DEERFIELD, IL – Democratic Candidate for state Senate, Julie Morrison, is calling on her Republican opponent to clarify his affiliation with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its Illinois affiliate, the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA).  According to an October 2nd article in the Deerfield Patch, the Friedman campaign claims no affiliation with the NRA.

“In Dr. Friedman’s last campaign, he made it clear that he had close ties with the NRA,” Morrison said.  “Now, Dr. Friedman is denying having any ties. These contradicting remarks are sending mixed messages to voters, and hopefully, Dr. Friedman will clarify his stance on gun control soon.

According to a correspondence obtained by the Morrison campaign, Friedman is quoted on the NRA-affiliated blog, “AR15.com” as saying, “As an aside, I am or have been in the past a member of JPFO, NRA, ISRA, and IllinoisCarry.” 

According to a 2010 article in the conservative Illinois Review, Dr. Friedman received an “A” rating from the NRA for his support of concealed carry legislation during his 2010 run for Congress.  The article goes on to quote Friedman as saying, “I am honored to receive the NRA’s highest rating.”

“This is another example of Arie Friedman trying to hide from his past,” Morrison Campaign Manager Bill Doerrer said.  “How can Arie Friedman be touting his ties to the NRA in 2010, but claim no affiliation with the group in 2012? The voters of the 29th District deserve to know where their candidates truly stand on issues as important as gun control, and also who they affiliate themselves with.

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RonnieTheLimoDriver October 12, 2012 at 01:39 PM
Julie Morrison is unfit for the position. Any candidate that is spending time and money worrying about guns while Illinois moves closer and closer to bankruptcy is not going to get my vote. Any candidate that quotes AR15.com as a source, calls it affiliated with the NRA, and calls it a blog is not fit to serve on the local library board, let alone be sent to Springfield. AR15.com is a message board, and anybody can go on there and claim to be Friedman. I received the scary mailer with the evil guns on it from Julie's campaign yesterday. She has to resort to dirty scare tactics because she is clueless on what to do with Illinois's problems. Morrison wants to throw out the constitution and instead I say we throw her out. After I received the mailer I immediately donated to Friedman's campaign; I hate this style of scare tactics. If Julie want's to talk about concealed carry, ok, lets talk. Does she refute the ISP's own estimates that the conceal carry permit would bring many million dollars of extra revenue to the state, and pay for itself before the first year? Does she argue the fact that Illinois is the only state WITHOUT conceal carry? How does she plan to fund the continue lawsuits that the state and local governments in Illinois keep losing and are forced to cover the oppositions legal fees? Julie and her dangerously out of touch ilk claim that there will be blood in the streets after IL passes concealed carry. Why did that not happen in 49 other states?
r neville October 15, 2012 at 09:03 PM
You're kidding me. I looked up the post and there is no way to assume Arie or anyone from his campaign created it. Anybody can post to a forum bulletin board, and nobody can stop them. Arie was always perceived as a strong Republican candidate, or as the Tribune says, Illinois' strongest Republican candidate! This post could have been planted and/or dug up merely to discredit him. The guys a Pediatrician for God's sake are the Democrats so desperate they want to paint him as some kind of an extremist gun-nut? If you have a question about Arie's position on guns, I'm sure he answer you just as frankly as he does the parents with children in his practice. Sheesh!
recarry October 16, 2012 at 03:42 AM
The irony is when liberals crow about "Right To Choose" for women in the aftermath of rape, but they deny women the right to choose 2nd Amendment-based self defense options that would prevent the rape, or the mugging, or the murder. Since Morrison and Drury brought guns into their campaigns, let them answer that question. North Shore limousine liberals forget that many of their constituents venture out into the world, and sometimes the world does intrude on their utopia. Self defense is a natural right, not something to treat with disrespect and mockery.
recarry October 16, 2012 at 03:48 AM
All I need to know is that Morrison and Drury have accepted endorsements (and funding?) from the Brady PAC, known for their distorted fear-mongering anti-choice propaganda. Voters should ask these two candidates if they will rely on other spurious sources of "information" when they tackle the hard issues facing the state. Arie Friedman has demonstrated a good command of reality grounded in facts. That gets my vote every time.
Dan Cox November 01, 2012 at 03:09 AM
I support those who support the US Constitution and Arie Friedman does that. "Those who will sacrifice essential freedom for temporary security, deserve neither freedom, nor security." Ben Franklin, 1775 Chicago suffers from their Draconian Gun Control Laws. Let the Law abiding citizens Conceal Carry, it is a Violation of Womens Right's, to force a Woman in Illinois to not be able to enjoy the same Right's afforded to Women in 49 other State's. The Right to be Safe and Defend themselves from an attack, with a Conceal Carry Handgun.


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